Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sex and Mary J

No, not Mary J. Blige, but marijuana. I love weed ahahaha. Just saying that cracks me up. But I was thinking today about my future in college and I realized that I definitely have no interest in joining a frat. At first I considered rushing because I am a guy so I wanted an easy access to frat parties. But then I thought about it and almost threw up. The thought of me being in a frat is both comical and sickening. Frat parties are so lame, honestly. Douchey people with crappy dancing skills does not interest me at all. So, I've decided that I'm just going to stick to weed. I've been smoking since the 8th grade and while I love it, it has never once interfered with my ability to get work done. It makes everything amazing, and I've never had a bad experience with it. Oh and the other day I discovered that cookies and cream ice cream while high is THE GREATEST. Wow, it's absolutely incredible. If I had had sex, I'd probably say this is better than sex. And this is a nice segway into my next topic: sex.

For starters, I'm a virgin (who can't drive, RIP Brittany Murphy). Shocking? Maybe, depends on who you ask. As much as I would like to have sex (I'm an 18 year old guy, what do you expect) I am in no rush to just do it with whomever. I've had plenty of offers, not to be cocky, but random sex grosses me out. I'm rather old fashioned and I think sex should be shared with someone who is really special to you. I'm not against premarital sex, I just believe that it should at least be with someone you really like, not a stranger or someone you've known for a few weeks. Because my school is filled with a disproportionate amount of ugly people and I'm one of the few openly gay guys, I remain single. So, for now I'll patiently wait and remain an untouched flower until the bumblebee of my dreams comes along :)

Share with me your thoughts about sex and drugs (and rock 'n' roll).


  1. ha ha yea I like a smoke now and then and love the feeling and the sleep it gives me. SEX right now I would have sex with any uy with a dick full stop.

  2. Weed is the best. Unlike yourself however, I did not smoke for the first time until 10th grade. Being high with a fun group of friends are some of my best memories thus far in my life. I know first hand about greek life. Been there, done that. I rushed, got initiated as a brother and than dropped. It was too much bs and the parties did suck. I did meet alot of people through the greek system but as a whole, I am much happier as a GDI. Hmmm, Ill have to try the icecream and cookies next time I toke up and get the muchies. My favorite munchies is pizza and Wendy frostys. lol Soooo dank!
    Can't expand much on the topic of sex. Im in the V Club as well. No shame though. People look up to that when they learn that I am still a virgin. I have morals and like yourself, I have no intrest in boning some random hottie just for the urge. I want to loose it to someone I love. If that takes till my honeymoon night, than so be it. Wait for that bumblebee, it'll fly by and catch your attention soon enough.
    Keep posting man, I like the blog!