Monday, May 9, 2011


At school, I'm known as the guy who will cuss you out or make you laugh. And I say to them: pick your fucking poison. But that's not why I'm writing. I'm here today to talk about a much different subject: NICOLE SCHERZINGER AND HER SONG "POISON". I have been listening to this shit nonstop all day long. I first heard it in Tigerheat and I finally downloaded it today. As far as songs go, it is by no means exceptional. But the beat! The beat is just irresistible. But don't worry, my taste in music isn't horrible, just varied.

Last night I went to a Fleet Foxes show at the Palladium in Hollywood and it was fucking amazing! My sister knows a guy who works for Live Nation and he got us VIP access! Sweet! We met Mischa Barton, Sandra Oh, and Chris Mintz. The show was sooooo chill. We just lounged around and breathed in the beautiful aroma of weed and talked among the celebs. It was so chill. I wish I could relive it again, but this time with more food haha.

Wow, my thoughts are all over the place tonight. I've basically decided that this is going to be my journal in which I spill secrets and what not, considering I don't know any of you and no one I know is likely to come across this page. I don't really have any secrets for tonight, however, I am having an awesome conversation with a future Michigan classmate. He's really cool and I'm excited to become friends with him in person! Any who, I neeeeeeeeed sleep, it's way past my bedtime. I''ll be back later this week to share more thoughts. Feel free to tell me your deepest darkest secretz ever. Ahahaha just kidding, I'm just in a really slap-happy mood right now. But tell me a cool fact about yourself, something strange or unique! I want to get to know my internet followers =)

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